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There are many resources available to teachers, students, and citizens.  Each state has some general information on vernal pools such as common species that inhabit vernal pools; this list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to check out your state and its neighbors in the NEPARC region. 

Below are some resources for vernal pools, books and guides for species identification and habitat information, K-12 curricula and lessons, and other materials that may be useful.  Emphasis is on the northeastern US between Maine and West Virginia; however, vernal pools are found in California and other parts of the continent so look for information there also. 

Vernal pools can be referred to by different terms (e.g., ephemeral, geographically isolated, temporary, woodland). No matter what vernal pools are called, one thing common across all of them is that kids and people are fascinated by vernal pools. Vernal pools make excellent subjects for hands-on learning in science and other disciplines!


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