NEPARC Conservation Awards

2020 Award Winner

Thirty-one years ago, Charlotte Sornborger initiated a grass roots conservation effort to protect what was, at the time, the only known diamondback terrapin nesting site in Rhode Island. She spurred the Town of Barrington to establish a refuge and for 30 years led a team of volunteers to monitor nesting females (>250 nests per year) and emerging hatchlings and protect nests from predators. To foster education on conservation of terrapins in the community and beyond, she has given countless public lectures, led tours at the site, presented at academic meetings, and contributed to scientific working groups.

Charlotte has the ability to align groups with different goals and convince them to commit time, energy, and funding toward conservation of diamondback terrapins. Charlotte is kind, exceedingly humble, and unflappable; these personality traits disarm people who may have different land use priorities.

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