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Blood sample from box turle for disease monitoring. Photo by Lori Erb.

Blood sample from box turtle for disease monitoring. Photo by Lori Erb.

The purpose of the amphibian and reptile diseases working group is to provide information on disease prevalence, monitoring and prevention in reptile and amphibian populations in the northeast region. We are currently focusing on improving communications among people working with amphibians and reptiles with an emphasis on how to safeguard populations from disease.

Save Our Amphibians & Reptiles: How YOU Can Reduce the Spread of Disease

Some problems have relatively simple solutions compared to the cost of neglect. Minimizing the spread of invasive species and harmful pathogens clinging to construction equipment is one such solution. Our working group has published an article in Herpetological Review that explains how resource managers and contractors can decontaminate construction and field equipment by cleaning, disinfecting, and drying, thus minimizing the spread of harmful organisms.

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If you are interested in joining the Emerging Diseases Working Group, email Jim Julian.