“Mysterious and little-known creatures live within reach of where you sit. Splendor awaits in minute proportions” – E.O.Wilson

Photo credits from left to right: Eastern Box Turtle by Jim White, Northern Rough Greensnake by Seth Berry, and Barking Treefrog by John Kleopfer

NEPARC is open to anyone with an interest in the conservation of northeastern amphibians and reptiles.

How can I become involved in NEPARC?

There are several ways to become involved in NEPARC including:

  • attending an annual meeting
  • joining a working group visit our Facebook site
  • follow us on Twitter @neparc
  • subscribing to the regional listserv (see below)


NEPARC 2015 Meeting, West Greenwich, RI

NEPARC Listserv

The NEPARC listserv is a monitored announcements style list (not open discussions) for topics relevant to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the Northeast. Who should join? People in the Northeast that are interested in participating in NEPARC.

NEPARC Listserve Terms of Use:

  • Please read the Terms of Use document before joining the NEPARC listserv
  • Terms of Use (pdf file)

Ways to join the list:

  1. From the email address you wish to subscribe to the NEPARC listserv, send an email to the listserv. Please provide your full name and send your message to: You do not need a google email (gmail) account to join.
  2. If you have a google email (gmail) account, you may also subscribe through the group website,
  3. If you have problems contact our list manager, Luke Groff (email:

You may also view the announcements without joining, but may not post messages unless you join. To view announcements, visit:

If you are already a list member, the address to post messages to the group is:  This Listserv is monitored so messages will require approval before being posted.

NEPARC Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

PARC Listserv

National PARC has two listservs. One is an ‘Annoucements Only’ list for receiving meeting annoucements, quarterly PARC newsletter, and other important messages. The other listserv is a ‘Discussion’ list for members to communicate and discuss issues related to herpetofaunal conservation.

Announcements Only List – Join PARC and receive periodic messages about upcoming meetings and similar news.